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The market leader

Fangoo & Zon Impex is a large European distribution company located in the Dutch province of South Holland, importing goods from the world’s leading manufacturers. The core responsibility of Fangoo & Zon Impex is to provide our customers with merchandise of outstanding quality.

Fangoo & Zon Impex specialises in the import of bottled sunflower oil. As part of the assortment also olive and salad oil are offered in a wide range of desired quantities. Thanks to our ownership of the factory and being the main supplier involved, this allowed Fangoo & Zon Impex to become one of the largest merchants in the Benelux.

Fangoo & Zon Impex owns a 25.000 m2 warehouse that provides spacious storage for large stocks. The facilities boast

innovative technology systems which will guarantee that the products are in a safe, clean and protected environment.

We also offer you the option to produce your own oil under the so-called ‘private label’ that we can manufacture to size.

Each month, 500 tons of oil are imported, of which 60% are the Bestolie brand and 40% are ‘private labels’ for our partners.

Various departments control the activities and make sure every process runs efficiently and effectively as possible.

Furthermore, the logistics department is there for you in order to take extra care of your delivery anywhere in the world.


Production and packaging:

All the produce is arranged in packages of different sizes, ranging from 900ml to 18liters. After that, the products are packed in boxes and stacked on pallets. The whole process of packaging is performed on modern equipment and machinery, corresponding with prime global standards.

Brands development and Label Design:

Upon your request, we can also design your brand and label, or adapt the existing design to any type of packaging that you prefer. Let our designers enhance your brand on the market by tailoring the most suitable design in accordance with your preference.


Fangoo controls over its own vehicle fleet, which guarantees punctual and efficient transportation of our quality products.

The transport department delivers world-wide. We utilise auto transport, sea container transport, and also railway transport.

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